Tips for creating an inspiring office
environment for you and your employees

Keep your future in mind

Life and work are constantly changing. To keep up with the fast pace, keep your options open. The more options you give yourself for arranging and rearranging your space, the better.

Understand your work style and cater to it

Purchase equipment that fits your job. If you file reams of paper, load up on cabinets or file carts. If you surround yourself with books, plan for shelving to support the mass and weight.

Design your home office space in relation to your primary work surface

Your work surface is the hub of your home office. Know exactly what items you need for your office and where each must be located in relation to your work surface.

Combine function with joy in your home office

You would bring a picture of your kids to work with you, so why not incorporate those special items in your home workspace? While function is important, so is your emotional well-being, even at home.

Invest in your seating

If you’re going to splurge on one item in your office, it should be your chair. Put price aside, consider your ergonomic requirements, and purchase seating that best fits your unique needs. Your body will thank you.

Don’t dismiss ergonomics

Home office pros are as susceptible to workplace injuries as their corporate cousins. Consider desk height, chair height, keyboard requirements, and any other things you may need to keep comfortable and injury-free.

Plan carefully to maximize space

Computers, monitors, scanners, fax machines, printers, power supplies, telephones, lamps. Add to that the cables needed to run the equipment. They all gobble up valuable home office real estate. Plan carefully to accommodate them.

Check your power requirements

Be sure you have enough electrical outlets and that the layout of your office gives you access to those outlets. Also make sure that your telephone jacks are positioned to serve your computer and fax machine, as well as your telephone.

Consider practical accessories

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will someday save you headaches and heartaches. Flat screen monitors and notebook computers take up less desktop space. Telephone headsets prevent neck strain that comes with hours of cradling a handset. Do your research and use our products to make your work life that much easier.